How to benefit from volatile resources and binary options

When searching for chances of assets with a preferably high return only a few investors bank on resources. The reason is simple: The prices for oil, gold or other resources may have the potential of still increasing but they are already relatively high and the fluctuations are very volatile.
For this reason especially traders who want to invest on a speculative basis are interested in these assets- and with an extensive analysis and the right intuition you can absolutely gain a high return with binary options on resources.

The example of oil demonstrates high chances in the volatile market

If you look at the development of the oil price within the last 12 months you will quickly see where the chances of binary options are located. This applies in comparison to certificates based on the oil price but also in comparison to traditional options. Compared to the level in November 2011 oil is just slightly more expensive today. The sort called “Brent” had the same prices on November 23rd 2011 and November 23rd 2012- one barrel cost 114.40 US$ respectively.

Certainly, the course did occasionally not stay the same. Far from it, the up-and downturns were enormous. In March, one barrel cost up to 126 US $, just three months later the price decreased to 89.30 US $, again three months later, Brent oil cost 116.80 US $ once again.
If you take a look at the development of the course on single days, you will get to see the same. Often, the prices per barrel vary from 2 to 3 dollars on a single day -thus, the course of oil is much more volatile than the one of shares and indices.

Current news have a strong effect

What applies to oil is also not uncommon when it comes to other resources. Many brokers, where you can trade with binary options, also offer options for the gold price where you can observe a similar course development. The high volatility offers risk-sensitive investors great chances since you have the opportunity of receiving high returns when trading with binary options.
Of course, it is important to keep oneself informed about the current news situation. This especially applies when you invest in the oil course. Many parameters do influence the price of this resource, from conflicts in the Middle East to pirates’ assaults of tanker ships and platforms in front of the coast of Nigeria. Especially on days where the news suplly is relatively thin, one or two reports are sufficient to strongly influence the oil course.