Forecast until the end of the year: Chances and risks with binary options

The last trading weeks of the year are a very special time for many investors. Both in the stock markets and at other bourses many investors want to win or equal losses right before the end of the year. So, in the weeks before Christmas holidays, there may be relatively high fluctuations. At the bourse, the Advent Season often is not that quiet and peaceful- for traders being active in the binary option market such fluctuations definitely offer chances of making high profits.

Laid back situation thanks to tranquilized Euro-zone

In general analysts evaluate the situation at the stock market relatively laid back. The next
emergency package for Greece has just been sent. The worries in the Euro-zone have therefore faded into the background. However, the German Central Bank with its clearly downwards corrected prediction for the growth in Germany caused negative headlines affecting both indices in continental Europe and the exchange rate of the Euro a few days ago.

Though, at the foreign exchange market the Euro has scope since the other big national economies
do not have an easy situation. Compared to the US-Dollar or the British pound, the Euro still has potential to get stronger, according to the analysts. This also can happen for the short term. Traders banking on exchange courses as underlying assets when trading with binary options should definitely keep an eye on the situation. Both for high/low options and for the classic call/put option interesting opportunities arise.

Danger for indices due to freezing economic situation

Those who prefer investing with regard to indices do not read a lot of news that have a great impact on the courses. The DAX has just been checked over the last week and restructured but can be found on a relatively high level at the moment. Experts do not agree if the index will continue his rally until the end of the year or if there are going to be deductions.

Recently, advance indicators have predicted a relatively bad forecast about the fourth quarter
of German economy; if the data about industry production confirm that this could have negative consequences for the DAX and other European indices. The political conflicts in the USA about budget restrictions and tax reduction should actually not affect the markets. According to many observers, nobody is interested in endangering the likely recovery of the economy.
Moreover, moderate tones both from democrats and republicans already seem to lead to a certain give-and-take.

Resources especially move sidewards

At the resource markets, November was a month of tense silence. The price for oil only fluctuated
about 5 US-Dollars. However, the growth in China and the USA should lead to rising prices. In the short term, political firmness, after the presidential elections in the United States as well as the handing over of the leadership in China are endured, also helps.

A similar analysis can be concluded for gold and silver, too. Here, the development over the last months has rather been sidewards, a clear trend was not visible. Range-options would then have been able to bring high profits. Until the end of the year, the forecast stays retained.
High prices have the effect that supply will probably not rise on a volatile basis.