Night Trading

Many times, we have heard the term “global village,” which emphasizes how the world is getting more interconnected. This is especially true with financial markets, and now as binary options’ trading grows, it is easier to trade foreign markets. What this now implies is that you the customer can now trade 24/7, or you can adjust your trading to your desired lifestyle. For some traders, this means the ability to trade at night. There are brokers who can accommodate this trading so that even when global markets are closed for most of the weekend, the trader has the services of binary options brokers who offer night trading. This gives you, the trader, access to markets even if you work all day.

Now in order for binary option to be night traded, the underlying asset must be trading at the time of the trade. For the American markets, binary options contracts that last an hour, for instance, won’t move at all during the American night, but for the European trader, afternoon and night trading may be a possibility. If the European trader wants to speculate on the opening of US futures, then some brokers offer options on US futures contracts. Conversely, Asian markets are open throughout the night in the United States, leaving the possibility of trading indices of NIKKEI average or individual Asian stocks, and Americans can through the deep US night trade European options. The Foreign Exchange market or “Forex” is especially intriguing because it deals 5 days a week, with the market open 24 hours worldwide and is over-the-counter “OTC”. This implies that the trader can night trade currencies throughout all time zones.

Some binary options traders actually prefer trading at night for market conditions. Open interest on some contracts can have a higher volume and be more liquid during the US’s night than during its day, where the underlying market is asleep. The opposite can also apply in that thinly traded markets can be more volatile allowing for better price moves. So for you as a beginning or novice trader, the realm of trading is accessible and can be adjusted to meet your lifestyle needs.