Binary Options on Tech Stocks

On many binary option platforms, traders can try and play the technology sector of US markets. The impact of American companies on world markets is huge and companies like Apple, Google, and Intel have global impact on technological trends. Likewise, the NASDAQ index contains a large number of American technological companies, and, as such, binary options traders can play the technology sector using these proxies since these assets have a global reach with options tradable in North America, Europe and Asia. The impact of these assets is across market sectors including telecommunications, computing, software, and manufacturing.

The technology sector is constantly changing, with announcements of new products, projected financial results, and finally, earnings announcements which provide investors exciting opportunities to trade. Traders can play the technology sector by focusing on these assets. For example, Intel is an American firm founded in 1968, and is the world’s largest semiconductor chip maker. Intel is best known for inventing the x86 microprocessor back in the late 1970’s. The company‘s market position grew in the 1990s when its Pentium microprocessors were utilized into practically all personal computers. Today Intel is positioning itself to be the dominant chipmaker for mobile phones. Apple is a technology company making revolutionary impacts in the computer field. They have rolled out their own line of computers and mobile phones.

The mobile phones are expanding the horizons of what is a cell phone. Google since it introduced the browser with powerful backlinking software has gone on to create very popular email, advertising and broadcasting applications which users have utilized to increase the usefulness of the internet The company’s stock prices has grown significantly as it introduced new internet tools. All of the above stocks, in the process, have experienced highs and lows along with continued growth in the computing market place.

Trading any of these assets gives the binary options player the exposure to the technology sector. If you stay current on new product announcements and other financial information, traders can place positions to take advantage of the fluctuations in price. Monitoring the price activity of these assets will help the trader determine which option strategy to pursue. The attractive aspect is that traders can look at either individual stocks or use the NASDAQ index as a proxy.

Then the trader can choose either CALLS or PUTS or combinations and to either buy or sell the option as the strategy. Depending on the news, traders may only want to place trades for extremely short periods of time, e.g. 60 seconds, or try position trades for longer time durations. The ease that you can trade coupled with the large information flow on these well know assets brings liquidity to the marketplace. The simple dynamic of binary options trading coupled with the possibility of fast returns and limited risk is at the heart of the binary options trading. The excitement of following these technology giants with other investors worldwide gives you, the trader, the opportunity to trade and profit.